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We`re Metamora Films


Metamora Films is on a mission.  The power of independent and meaningful films is evident in our world today.  Metamorphosis is defined as a change into something new: a new person, new thoughts, a new understanding.  Metamora is just that: Change. (hence our cool butterfly logo)


In addition to our award winning film productions, we produce thought-provoking journalism including the interview show, ‘Solitary Nation‘, a podcast focused on America’s broken criminal justice system.  Produced and distributed by Metamora Films, ‘Solitary Nation‘ is a must watch for all ages.


Our team is available to host public film screening events throughout the country.  We also enjoy connecting with charities in order to fund raise in conjunction with our releases.  When we released our first documentary, ‘What Makes Me Tic?‘, we raised funds for the Tourette Association of America.


Metamora Films and it’s partners are committed to creating educational and thought provoking films and projects resulting in a more emotionally engaged society.  Our mission is to assist in expanding compassion and tolerance in order to better understand our differences and similarities.

Keeping with the theme of thought-provoking and dramatic work, filmmaker, Matt Duhamel continues his mission of transforming hearts and minds through film, with a short documentary series entitled, “This is My Story”, which is slated to start production this summer.

Our Team

Matt Duhamel

Matt Duhamel

Filmmaker, Host

Matt Duhamel, a former TV news and radio personality, has turned his attention to helping others through the power of independent film and media. He agrees with the idea that film can help individuals, communities and entire societies by increasing compassion, tolerance, understanding and forgiveness. Matt is the director and producer of five films including the award winning short narrative, 'Last Day with Lizzy' which is dedicated to his daughter, Maddie.

Collaborate With Us

Collaborate With Us

Film Producer

We are currently looking to collaborate with sponsors, producers, and executive producers, for important 2017 film projects. If you want to be a part of transformational filmmaking while raising social awareness and making a difference in people's lives through the power of film, contact us today. Include a resume, a photo of yourself, and films you've worked on in the past. Tell us why you want to be a part of positive filmmaking and how you can make a difference.

Our Work

THIS IS MY STORY AN UPCOMING DOCUMENTARY FILM SERIES LEARN MORE NOT FOR RENT! The feature length documentary film, NOT FOR RENT!, looks at rental housing barriers ex-felons face as they attempt to rebuild their lives in our communities. LEARN MORE LIFE UNDER THE HORSESHOE Life Under the Horseshoe is a fun, entertaining and historical look at Spring City, Utah’s only live FM stage radio show. LEARN MORE THE FORGIVENESS JOURNEY The Forgiveness Journey is a 73-minute documentary exploring the issues of forgiveness, compassion and second chances. LEARN MORE LAST DAY WITH LIZZY Last Day With Lizzy tells the story of Mark, a troubled father who longs to rebuild a relationship with his distant daughter Elizabeth. LEARN MORE WHAT MAKES ME TIC? What Makes Me Tic? is a powerful look into four average Americans living with the often misunderstood disorder, Tourette’s Syndrome. LEARN MORE

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