This is My Story

Keeping with the theme of thought-provoking and dramatic work, filmmaker, Matt Duhamel continues his mission of transforming hearts and minds through film, with a short documentary series entitled, “This is My Story”, which is slated to start production this summer. Duhamel promises simple yet unique and powerful stories, the ones that keep you thinking days, weeks, even years after.


The short documentaries will highlight people from the Pacific Northwest, more specifically the Portland/Vancouver metro area. Duhamel plans to release the series in either late 2018 or early 2019 to local and national film festivals, educational distributors and perhaps a free screening open to the public.


Metamora Films is currently seeking individuals with simple, yet thought provoking personal stories.  These stories may be of any subject. that If you know of someone with a powerful story that should be told on film, fill out the online form below to notify Metamora Films.  All information is kept private.  (There is no compensation to appear)

Examples of stories we are looking for:

  • Personal triumphs
  • Giving back to the community
  • Unique, interesting and/or strange
  • Heroism
  • Underdog stories
  • And any personal story that we can learn from

Filming will start approximately July, 2018.

There is no compensation to appear in the film series and you must be willing to appear on camera, sign a release form, and “open up” to viewers about your story.  Filming your personal story may take a few weeks time depending on schedules.


This is My Story, Metamora Films
This is My Story, Metamora Films
This is My Story Metamora Films