What Makes Me Tic?



Short Synopsis:
The documentary film, “What Makes Me Tic?” is a powerful look into four average Americans living with the often misunderstood disorder, Tourette’s Syndrome.

Natasha was diagnosed with Tourette’s when she was seven years old.  Today at age twelve, she’s organizing a Tourette’s Syndrome Awareness Walk not allowing herself to be defined by her facial and vocal “tics”. Josh has been living with Tourette’s since he was a child.  Damaged teeth, bruises and scars are only a few examples of the damage he’s caused himself because of his uncontrollable tics.  Today, his ambitious personality helped him succeed in his career and to write a memoir titled “The World’s Strongest Librarian”.  Calvert was diagnosed with Tourette’s while in his fifties.  His recent PhD from University of Utah and his position as Chairman of the Tourette Syndrome Association, Utah Chapter gives him an outlet to talk and help others better understand the disorder.  Peter has an extremely emotional story.  Once diagnosed with one of the worst cases of Tourette’s Syndrome in the United States, Peter has beaten the odds.  He underwent experimental brain surgery to help reduce his severe tics which previously caused him to shake and sweat.  Peter looks ahead with his message of hope and determination.