The Forgiveness Journey


Short Synopsis:
The Forgiveness Journey is a 73 minute documentary exploring the issues of forgiveness, compassion and second chances.  In the film, you’ll meet people who are struggling through their own personal forgiveness journey.  Film Director/Producer, Matt Duhamel includes his own story about his 2006 arrest and conviction of a sex offense and his ongoing struggle to reconnect with is estranged daughter, Maddie. 

You’ll also meet Vicky, a newspaper editor living near Portland, Oregon who suffered a devastating childhood.  She is currently on a forgiveness journey in hopes to forgive her mother, grandfather, and step-father.

In addition to personal stories of forgiveness, psychologists, authors, and professionals are interviewed to discuss the process of forgiveness and the differences between forgiving ourselves versus others.  Their interviews create a more informed understanding of the difficult, yet healing process of forgiving in our lives.

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