NOT FOR RENT! Documentary Film, Metamora Films

(Scheduled for an April 5th, 2017 Release)



Film Synopsis:
Acquiring housing is a challenge that most individuals face soon after leaving prison.  With over 95% of the prison population today will be released at some point in the future, millions of ex-inmates face housing legal barriers, discrimination, and strict eligibility requirements for federally subsidized housing.  The documentary film, NOT FOR RENT! takes a look at the challenges ex-inmates face everyday as they attempt to find appropriate housing and to reintegrate back into society.

The Director highlights Utah’s Good Landlord Program.  Ogden, the first Utah city to enact the program in 2004, says it, “addresses aspects of property management that may encourage the elimination of code violations and public nuisances while controlling and preventing illegal activity on rental properties that affect the quality of life within our neighborhoods.”  The opposition says the program does not give ex-inmates a fair chance and causes more harm than good.  You’ll meet several former inmates in the film that have personally faced the program head on, most with anger, frustration and disgruntlement.

NOT FOR RENT! is a powerful film that must be watched.  It addresses communities “not in our town” mentality while educating the lay person on American’s recidivism crisis and the prison revolving door.  Directed by Matt Duhamel, an ex-inmate himself,  the film will open eyes to the millions of men and women who combat housing restrictions while attempting to move on from a past that the community does not want them to forget. The feature length film, due out spring, 2017, begs the question, “Who deserves a second chance?”


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