Filmmaker in Search of Meaning at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival

Park City, Utah, January 17, 2019

Filmmaker and podcast host, Matt Duhamel will once again be covering the country’s largest independent film festival, the Sundance Film Festival, which will be held in Park City, Utah from January 24th through January 28th. Having covered the festival twice before, Duhamel will be seeking to bring his unique perspective to the festival, evaluating and analyzing such candidate films as ‘The Sound of Silence‘, ‘Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am‘, ‘I Am Mother‘, ‘Velvet Buzzsaw‘, and ‘Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile’.

Duhamel has made a habit of selecting the most thought-provoking films to investigate, and his thorough coverage often includes interviews with directors, producers, and stars, so as to get straight to the heart of the films’ meaning. By taking this approach, Duhamel hopes to bring about significant change in people’s thinking by reviewing the most worthwhile films, and bringing them to the public eye for closer scrutiny.

Accomplishments in film 

Metamora Films, headquartered in Vancouver Washington, has already produced a number of engaging and thoughtful films which have been transforming hearts and minds ever since. The company’s first documentary, entitled ‘What Makes Me Tic?‘ helped raise funds for research for Tourette’s Syndrome, and Duhamel’s most recent documentary, ‘NOT FOR RENT!‘ detailed restrictions of the housing market, which caused many people to take a closer look at this country’s housing situation. Duhamel is currently in pre-production of a new documentary film which he plans to release by 2020.

Altogether, Duhamel has presided over the creation of five distinct film projects, serving as both director and producer, including the award-winning film called ‘Last Day With Lizzy‘, which he dedicated to his daughter, Maddie. Far from seeking commercial success in his films, Duhamel instead prefers to raise awareness for specific causes, and using the power of film to bring about greater compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and tolerance among the people who populate the earth.

Duhamel is also the driving force behind the interview show, ‘Solitary Nation‘, which is a podcast focusing on this country’s dysfunctional criminal justice system. Produced and distributed through Metamora Films, ‘Solitary Nation’ is an eye-opening series which focuses a spotlight on the shortcomings of America’s legal system. As with all Metamora projects, the hope is that by raising awareness of such faults and shortcomings, people in power can be persuaded to take necessary actions that will amend the system, and make it more equitable.

About Matt Duhamel 

Matt Duhamel began his career with a broadcasting job at KYWS AM radio station in West Yellowstone, Montana, as an afternoon disc jockey, and continued with hosting a radio show with KFTZ, Z103 in Idaho Falls, Idaho through 2000, when he moved into television as a weather anchor at station KIDK. Working at several other positions in the mid 2000’s, Matt eventually founded Metamora Films in 2012, where he began crafting films that were educational in nature, and which were intended to inspire people to look inside themselves and re-discover their humanity.