Metamora Films Announces Film Series on the Power of Personal Stories

After a successful release of his award winning documentary, NOT FOR RENT!, a film on the formerly incarcerated and the severe rental housing restrictions they face, filmmaker Matt Duhamel continues the theme of powerful, personal stories with an upcoming short documentary film series.

VANCOUVER, Washington (PRWEB) March 10, 2018

Keeping with the theme of thought-provoking and dramatic work, filmmaker, Matt Duhamel continues his mission of transforming hearts and minds through film, with a short documentary series entitled, “This is My Story”, which is slated to start production this summer. Duhamel promises simple yet unique and powerful stories, the ones that keep you thinking days, weeks, even years after.

This is My Story Metamora Films

Metamora Films, Duhamel’s independent film company, has been producing thought-provoking and transformative film projects for over five years now, while concentrating on social justice issues and storytelling. Duhamel developed Metamora Films to fill a growing void in society, what he describes as, “an empathy crisis.” He believes we can learn from other people’s stories, even people we don’t have a connection to, such as strangers featured in a documentary film. Duhamel’s first film, “What Makes Me Tic?”, took a jab at the empathy crisis through understanding people’s Tourette Syndrome, including 12-year old Natasha, a somewhat shy but humorous young girl living with motor and vocal tics and the constant fear of being bullied.

Duhamel states, “When we allow ourselves to listen to someone’s personal story, even a strangers, whether it be a major life crisis, a temporary lapse of morals, or even a comeback story of some kind, we step into the person’s shoes with the renewed ability to better understand their feelings. In other words, we feel what they feel.”

The short documentaries will highlight people from the Pacific Northwest, more specifically the Portland/Vancouver metro area. Duhamel plans to release the series in either late 2018 or early 2019 to local and national film festivals, educational distributors and perhaps a free screening open to the public.

Metamora Films is now interviewing people that have a story to tell for film. You can learn more about the “This is My Story” film series and apply at Metamora Films.


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