NOT FOR RENT! Documentary Film Heads to Toronto, Canada

For the first time at Metamora Films, a documentary produced by the independent film company is being screened internationally in Toronto, Canada on June 7, 2018.

NOT FOR RENT!, is a film that looks at rental housing barriers ex-felons face as they attempt to rebuild their lives in our communities.  With over 95% of the American prison population being released at some point in the future, millions of ex-inmates struggle with ‘red tape’ and strict criminal history rental requirements property managers and landlords enforce. In this unique and powerful film, you’ll meet several people who’ve been personally affected by housing restrictions due to felony convictions.

Law and Society Association, Metamora Films, NOT FOR RENT!

Thanks to Prof. Monica Williams of Weber State University along with the film’s director, Matt Duhamel, the film will be screened at the Law and Society Association’s Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada.  Annual meetings are a critical aspect of the Association’s activities. At the meetings, participants exchange ideas in many ways. For example, some participants present papers in panels with discussants commenting upon them or post presentations on public boards for discussion with anyone interested; in other sessions, authors meet readers of their books or specialists and non-specialists participate in round tables and freely debate ideas. Each meeting also includes a few general sessions, where everyone gathers to hear presentations of new ideas and recent work of leaders in the field, and several social events. LSA meetings are especially valued for their high levels of sociability.

Law and Society Association, Metamora Films, NOT FOR RENT!

The international screening of NOT FOR RENT! will include a viewing and discussion of a 65-minute documentary which chronicles the barriers that formerly incarcerated people face in finding housing in Utah (and beyond), a state in which numerous cities have implemented “good landlord” programs that incentivize landlords to not rent to people with criminal backgrounds. These policies exacerbate problems with finding housing while also purporting to enhance public safety and revitalize communities. The panel discussion following the film will discuss the implications of these types of housing policies for understanding how communities, legislators, and formerly incarcerated people can work together to meet shared goals of public safety and strong communities with good quality of life.

Matt Duhamel (Film’s Director)
Christopher Dum
Kim Kras
Sheri-Lynn Kurisu
Chrysanthi Leon
Breanne Pleggenkuhle
Brianna Remster
Prof. Monica Williams (Chair/Organizer)

Film Director, Matt Duhamel, using a $500 budget, decided to produce and direct the film about rental housing restrictions because of his personal experiences in trying to secure rental housing in Utah.  He will be appearing via Skype due to the inability to travel to Canada due to his felony record from 10 years ago. The screening will open the discussion on strict rental housing policy and reentry into society after incarceration.

For more information on Metamora Films’ documentary film, NOT FOR RENT!, and how your university, conference or organization can hold a free screening, visit the official website.

Law and Society Association, Metamora Films, NOT FOR RENT!


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