Matt Duhamel Wins Best Documentary at Family Film Fest

Metamora Films’ Director, Matt Duhamel took home a first official win at a live film festival event for his short documentary film, ‘Life Under The Horseshoe.’ 

Matt Duhamel, Metamora Films - MetamoraTV

Film Director, Matt Duhamel

The film festival takes place in Provo, Utah and holds special events – film screenings, 5 Day filmmaking competition, youth filmmaking workshops, LIVE broadcasts of award show.

The made for TV documentary which was produced by Matt Duhamel and Heather Deede is a fun, entertaining and historical look at Spring City, Utah’s only live FM stage radio show. The film teaches us a little about history while taking us back to the golden age of radio.  The documentary interviews Mark and Vicki Allen, the show hosts while learning more about their interesting, but opposite family history.  The film also highlights the historical Victory Hall, a one-hundred-year-old restored vaudeville theater on Main Street, and “Spit & Whittle” Avenue, where Charlie (1885-1936), son of Simon Beck, had a bench the women of the town called the “Bummer’s Bench.” The men claimed it was where important community events were discussed and decisions made. Simon’s son Charlie, paralyzed at an early age, presided at the bench providing advice and wisdom to all comers.

Reenactment Cast of “Life Under The Horseshoe”

Though unable to attend because of a recent relocation to Washington State, film director, Matt Duhamel wished the other filmmakers that submitted and attended the festival good luck:

“This is a great honor. Thank you so much to the Family Film Fest and the judges that made this possible.  I also want to wish the filmmakers that took part in the festival good luck with their current and future projects in Utah and throughout the country.”

The 25-minute documentary is Utah focused so Duhamel submitted to mainly Utah festivals over the last couple of years including:  The Utah Film Awards (Nominated) and  the 15th Annual LDS Film Festival (Nominated).  The film is also slated to appear on SHORTSTV channel on DirectTV starting July 31st.

In addition to his film, Life Under The Horseshoe, Duhamel is currently focusing on his latest documentary film entitled, NOT FOR RENT! which was officially released at Weber State University on April 5th, 2017 in Ogden, Utah.  The feature length film is represented by Cinema Epoch, which releases acclaimed arthouse films, contemporary American films and edgy cult & midnight works. Cinema Epoch has been inspired by the great 1970s film distributors World Northal and New World Pictures, who distributed such classic arthouse works as Nicholas Roeg’s Bad Timing, Fitzcarraldo, Cries and Whispers, Quadrophenia, and The Tin Drum alongside such great grindhouse flicks such as Shogun Assassin, Death Race 2000, and the kung fu films of the legendary Shaw Brothers Film Studio.

For more information the Family Film Fest, please visit their website for details on how you can take part and submit your film(s).