Metamora Films Awards Prizes to Four Indie Filmmakers

Metamora Films held their first online film festival awarding four independent filmmakers from across the globe.  Numerous filmmakers submitting their projects through FilmFreeway over the last few months for consideration for the festival.   Festival Directors, Matt Duhamel and Deanna Hays said the competition was stiff with a nice variety of films being submitted as far away as Russia.

Metamora Films Online Festival Contest

Metamora Films Festival (Online) is held 3x a year: spring, summer and fall. The festival showcases independent film from all over the world. The directors specifically look for documentaries and short narrative films that are meaningful, can tell a inspirational story, and has the power to make a difference in the world.  Categories include: Best Student Film, Best Thought-Provoking Film, Best Documentary Film and Best Short Film.

Here are the details from the first season’s festival:

  • Best Thought-Provoking Film

Be(you)tiful (Directed by Diana Stefanescu) WATCH THE FILM
Tagline: One personal world. Two enemies in love.

Diana Stefanescu was born in Iasi, Romania in 1984. Inspired to be an artist from a very early age, Diana’s grandparents were noted writers in her native country. Her grandfather, Boris Craciun, is a famous writer and television-radio correspondent. Her grandmother, Aurora Craciun, is a noted literary teacher and university director. Diana has inherited many of their qualities and passion for the arts.

  • Best Short Film

Fleeting (Director by Jeff Parenteau) WATCH THE FILM
Synopsis: Fleeting is a unique love story that explores some of the universal experiences and emotions that we go through throughout the course of a relationship. The film is told through both male and female perspectives while intertwining many experiences to help tell one unique love story.

Jeff Parenteau has been making films since 2005. He has a passion for creating imaginative narrative films that touch on different aspects of human consciousness and the wide range of human emotions. His films have been screened domestically (Canada) and internationally.

  • Best Student Film

The Next Door (Directed by Barrett Burgin) WATCH THE TRAILER
Synopsis: Two Mormon missionaries become concerned when someone they teach goes missing. As they search for the answers, they find themselves plunged into a world of danger and deceit.

The Next Door was produced by first and second year film students, completely independent of any institutional or faculty help, on a budget of $8,000. It also offers a twisted, thriller-esque look into the unfamiliar world of Mormon missionaries.

  • Best Documentary Film

Touch of an Angel (Directed by Marek Pawlowski) WATCH THE TRAILER
Director’s Comments:  The film presents completely unknown facts about the existence of a failed Bureau of Emigration of Jews to Palestine in Auschwitz town, run by Schoenker’s father. “Touch of an Angel”, took five years to produce. I searched all over the world for documents to prove the truth of this story. It’s a very personal, poetic tale of a deaf man who returns to the places where he found refuge as a boy. He finds his hiding places bringing back horrific memories. Sounds return to him, which as he describes “shut in him like in a shell”.

I am aware of problems posed by the contemporary world and I use history as a point of reference to deliver a message of universal importance. Schoenker’s story concerns dilemmas facing today’s Europe such as the status of refugees. My film speaks about the consequences when the response comes too late.I hope that you will also find this story deserving your attention.


As independent filmmakers ourselves, we appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into every film project.  We hope to see your film inspire and educate others in future film festivals.

We want to congratulate the winners and all the submissions for spring, 2017.  We can’t wait to see the new submissions in our upcoming festivals.

Submissions for summer, 2017 open June 1, 2017.  You can submit below through FilmFreeway: