An Overview of Mise en Scene With Infographic (Guest Blogger)

Mise en Scene is a filmmaking term that refers to everything that appears on the camera as well as the arrangement of these sets, cameras, lighting and costume. In many cases the process of creating this style of film is a collaborative effort and through the simpler graph you can find a number of the top 15 things that you would need to know as a filmmaker to utilize the principles in mise en scene.

By mastering some of these techniques you can create the collaborative filmmaking environment that you may need to build some of these scenes and become a more professional filmmaker.

When we think of this approach to filmmaking it often comes down to the idea of placing objects on a large stage. This stage could be a soundstage, a film stage, an outdoor set or even a Broadway stage. This is a big aspect of telling any story and through the design element of theater and film it is possible to create a potential cheat sheet on a script of how a filmmaker may want to go about shooting or creating a scene. These notes can be extremely helpful for future productions of a film or play and their essential to continuously setting up the same scene in a production that spans several months or years.

One of the biggest problems with this term is that many people say it isn’t exactly fully defined. As mise en scene can make up many elements to a particular film is the mastering of the key elements of the technique that will help you to actually unlock the efficiency and improvements of this technique.

By following the infographic tips below you can improve the way that you tell stories, set up scenes and produce detailed scripts for the future

–  Michael, Guest Blogger


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