A Message From A Solitary Nation Podcast Viewer

Dear Matt Duhamel,

“Thank you for your recent webcast focused on Halloween sex offender restrictions.  In it, you brought up Illinois’ law regarding costumes and holidays.  You indicated you weren’t certain if the law was a statewide restriction; I’m guessing you were reading from a notice from the Wheaton Police Department.  The law is a state law, applying to every jurisdiction in the state.  Additionally, it is a year-round law, aimed at preventing Registered Citizens from participating in any holiday event, not just Halloween.  While the law refers to costumes, it is so vaguely written that Registrants in Illinois aren’t certain if they’re even allowed to watch a parade from a distance, let alone attend a Christmas or other holiday dinner with family (if non-familial children are present), and they certainly aren’t allowed to put on a costume in public or get a job that requires a costume.  Again, the language is so vague that Registrants in Illinois aren’t even certain if they’re allowed to wear a costume in their own home, even if their own children are present, let alone anyone else’s children.

It is also common for police departments to send letters out with “additional local restrictions” that they say they can apply to all registrants, not just parolees or probationers.  Often times, these “additional restrictions” are illegal and unconstitutional, but Registrants don’t fight back for fear of being jailed and having to fight charges again.

This holiday participation statute is being challenged in court for its vagueness.  It will be interesting to see if the courts uphold the law or not.

Lastly, I wanted to thank you.  Your work is heartwarming.  At a time when nobody seems to have much compassion for adult Registrants, it’s really nice to know that there are people in the world still willing to listen to people’s stories with empathy and respect, and to give voice to their struggles.”

Thank you again,

(published with permission from the sender)

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