KABF 88.3 FM Talks With Filmmaker, Matt Duhamel

Host, John S. from KABF 88.3 FM in Little Rock, Arkansas interviewed Matt Duhamel today about Metamora Films and Metamora Media.  They discussed Matt’s documentary films and his new online video podcast, Solitary Nation.

KABF is a community radio station KABF which takes its mission seriously and continues to be committed to its founding principles and to serving as a “voice of the people” not only in Arkansas but as far as the signal can reach through any available formats including rebroadcasting and the internet.

Interview with Matt Duhamel on KABF 88.3 FM 'Voice of the People'

Matt discusses his incarceration and how it became a launching pad in developing Metamora Films and Solitary Nation.  Listen to this educational, heartfelt and rare interview with Matt Duhamel and host, John S. below:

(Courtesy of: KABF 88.3 FM Community Radio, Little Rock, Arkansas. www.kabf.org)


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