International Megan’s Law IML Protest – Registered Sex Offender’s Passports

What is International Megan’s Law (IML) and why should you care? And why the controversy about ‘unique identifiers’ on registered sex offenders’ passports?

Our video coverage of the Oakland, CA protest is getting a lot of attention lately.  Organized by Attorney, Janice Bellucci of Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ACSOL) and Vicki Henry, President of Woman Against Registry (WAR), the July 27, 2016 gathering at the U.S. District Courthouse was organized to educate the general public and to protest against ‘unique identifiers’ being placed on registered sex offenders’ passports. Bellucci argued that notifications sent to foreign countries have a “chilling effect” upon registrants, many of whom are now afraid to travel overseas.  She also argued that notifications are harm registrants’ ability to travel overseas in order to meet with family members, conduct business and pursue cultural interests.  She further argued that they place registrants and anyone who travels with them at risk of physical harms.

Oakland, CA IML Protest Metamora Films

According to Rep. Bill Flores (R-TX), the bill would enable the United States “to notify destination countries that a sex offender who has previously abused a child is traveling to that country and encourage reciprocal notification to protect American children from abuse by foreign sex workers.”

Bellucci filed a lawsuit challenging the law in U.S. District Court shortly after HR 515 was signed into a law by President Obama earlier this year. They say the law will include those convicted of misdemeanors such as “sexting” or public urination to be identified as a sex offender on their passports. The lawsuit says that “a passport symbol that identifies an individual as a registered sex offender could place at significant risk that person as well as others traveling with them, including family members and business colleagues.”



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