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Meaningful Movies Project, Metamora Films

As a social justice filmmaker and a TV host with MetamoraTV, I like to seek out ways that my films and projects, along with other films by influential filmmakers across the world can be seen by our communities.  Recently, I found “The Meaningful Movies Project“,  a non-profit organization that helps neighborhoods, groups and individuals organize, educate and advocate using the power of social justice documentary film and conversation to build positive and meaningful community.  I see this as an amazing opportunity to build conversations on important social topics through the power of film.

According to their website, The Meaningful Movies Project, “empowers citizens to gather, educate, inspire, connect, and commit to effective, non-violent solutions in building a more peaceful and just world.”  The first step would be to start a group, and the great thing is a large budget is not required.  If fact, some groups start inside homes, then expand to a larger community facility.  I may be looking at starting a group in the Pacific Northwest (we are relocating Metamora Films from Utah to Washington State possibly later this year…stay tuned!)  which would be a great opportunity to not only share the films that we’ve produced at Metamora, but other films that target social justice issues.  I can’t help to feel that I should be doing much more in helping others through the power of independent film.  I’m sure other social justice filmmakers feel the same way:  how can we as artists help change the world through our work?  Sure, there’s film distributors, online distribution, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. that help filmmakers promote their films to the public, but in my opinion, there’s nothing better than to meet people face to face and learn how the film affected them personally.    The possibilities are endless with community screenings such as the Meaningful Movies Project.

Meaningful Movies Project, Metamora Films

Over the last few years, I’ve hosted charitable film releases in Salt Lake City, Utah where we’ve shown, The Forgiveness Journey, a documentary film on the process of forgiveness, What Makes Me Tic?, a documentary on Tourette Syndrome, and Life Under The Horseshoe, a short film on Spring City, Utah’s live, stage radio show. Each film release has had a wonderful turnout and donations were raised for charitable organizations such as The Forgiveness Project (U.K. based) and the Tourette Association, Utah Chapter.  Now, with The Meaningful Movies Project, I feel that the possibility of reaching even more people is available through groups, community events and film releases.

Matt Duhamel, Heather Duhamel, Carla Kelley and a 'Film Fan'

Matt Duhamel, Heather Duhamel, Carla Kelley and a ‘Film Fan’ The Forgiveness Journey Film Release, Salt Lake City, Utah

Matt Duhamel and Heather Duhamel, 'Life Under The Horseshoe' film release Spring City, Utah

Matt and Heather Duhamel, ‘Life Under The Horseshoe’ film release: Spring City, Utah

It’s my hope that The Meaningful Movies Project catches on throughout the country (and even world!) in order for more and more people to witness the power of film and how it can better our cities, communities and world.

If you’re interested in starting a group in your area, please visit the online application.  Good Luck!

Matt Duhamel, Metamora Films

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