A Brief Look at “Life Under the Horseshoe” Radio Show

Last week, my wife (Heather) and I took a road trip.  We headed south to the small, historic city of Spring City, Utah, in the heart of Sanpete County, just five miles south of Mt. Pleasant (the geographic center of Utah).  Originally known as the “Allred Settlement”, “Little Copenhagen”, and “Canal”, the city is famous for the fresh water spring in the middle of town which never runs dry. The entire town of Spring City is listed on the National Historic Register.


Horseshoe Mountain Pottery, Spring City, Utah

As we entered the town, it felt like we stepped back in time.  We were both excited to watch, “Life Under the Horseshoe”, a live radio show performed in the historic Vaudeville Theater (Victory Hall).  We walked up to the old front door as a local told us “we better hurry, there about to start.”  My wife and I looked at each other and smiled.  “We’re not in South Jordan anymore”, I said to her.  The people were very nice with warm smiles and friendly handshakes.  Not that people in South Jordan aren’t nice, we were just not used to people going out of their way to be nice.  Though my back was killing me (as it always does…three herniated discs will do that to you), and my stomach ached for food, my wife and I sat down and enjoyed the show.


Vaudeville Theater (Victory Hall)

My broadcasting career started in radio at an old AM radio station in West Yellowstone, Montana back in 1995, so I had an instant love for “Life Under the Horseshoe.”  It’s an all-new show each week that features a variety of world class musical groups, jokes, storytelling, and old time dramas (with sound effects), just like in the golden age of radio.   Did I mention the musical groups?  Wow, I never thought Bluegrass sounded so cool!  I especially loved the skit with a young boy playing a paperboy and Mark Allen, the founder of the radio show.  They had the crowd of seventy-five laughing so hard that I couldn’t help notice an older woman’s high pitch squeal of laughter next to me.

A funny skit

A funny skit

The Bluegrass Band

The Bluegrass Band

Lawrence Gardner (Head Writer) talks to the audience

Lawrence Gardner (Head Writer) talks to the audience

Lawrence Gardner (Head Writer) and a cast member

Mark Allen with a cast member

After the show ended, Heather and I spoke with the creators of the show, Mark and Vicki, who also owned the Bed and Breakfast next door.  Decorated with antiques and accented with old charm, their historic B and B was built in the mid 1850’s, complete with rickety floors and even antique photos of relatives.  They told us the story of these amazing people, the tales of Spring City, and how they enjoyed entertaining and playing music among the people they loved.


Heather and I didn’t want to leave.  We’ve been to many small towns in our lives, but there was something different about Spring City.  A little historic town which has attracted many artists over the years,  I reluctantly stepped back into the truck and waved good-bye.  As we headed north into Mount Pleasant, eying the only Subway in town, I  forgot my camera was in the back seat.  “Let’s do a documentary”, I told my wife, as she bit down on a six inch Cold Cut Combo.  She enthusiastically shook her head, YES.

I can’t wait to head south to Spring City later this month.  We are planning a short documentary on the live radio show, so please check back often.  A release date of the film has not been planned, but I do expect to complete a rough copy by fall.  I would love your comments…

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