Meet Liz on MetamoraTV

“I have been held captive twice in my life. Once at the hand of another, and later by the
unresolved pain and shame of my past.” – Liz

Our first official studio interview is with Liz, an amazing, powerful woman.  I had only talked with Liz once before the interview, but from the start I could tell that she had faced pain in her life.  Perhaps I had known this because I had also faced pain in my own life…and many mistakes.  I was nervous that she was going to judge me for my crime but my thoughts were proved wrong by Liz’s non-judgmental and kind heart.  Though much different, our pain has been difficult to forget for both of us (and forgiving ourselves and others) while trying to move on to a future that holds no shame and guilt.

Liz, who recently wrote a letter to The Forgiveness Project, writes about her past, “When I was sixteen one of my best friends and her mother were brutally murdered. They were killed by her stepsister’s estranged and abusive husband when he showed up at their home distraught about the separation. My friend’s death added to the spiraling depression I was already experiencing and I was later hospitalized for attempted suicide.”


The Forgiveness Project

I interviewed Liz in my small home studio about what had happened to her throughout her troubled life.  She opened up for the cameras for the first time in her life about the abuse that she endured, her guilt, shame and most importantly, her recent transformation.   Our short interview was brief.  We could have been there talking for hours about the events of her life, how she dealt with her attempted suicide, and much more.


Liz and host, Matt Duhamel

What’s amazing about Liz is that she’s taken these horrible experiences and turned them around and is now helping others in her community that have dealt with similar issues.  Liz loves charitable work.  And fudge.  She is the organizer of The Love Fudge, a “not-for-profit fundraising entity” with all proceeds supporting various community charities, projects and causes, including, Utah’s Woman of Worth, which is “dedicated to empowering women who are committed to rebuild their life.”

love fudge

The Love Fudge Family (Liz: third from left)

Liz ads in her forgiveness story, “Recognizing the choice, I forgave once more.  I choose to no longer be held captive by the memories of my past. By releasing others I am free. Forgiveness is the key that liberates the captive!”

We both agreed before the interview that if it wasn’t for both of our troubling pasts, we would not have had the chance to transform and to help others.  We both hope that this interview opens hearts and minds, just like Metamora Films’ mission states.

I would like to offer a very special thanks to Liz for sharing her story with me and our viewers.  If you have experienced a similar past as Liz , please don’t hesitate to reach out for support.  Please check the links on this blog post for additional information.

If you or someone you know that has a “transformative” story for MetamoraTV, please contact me anytime.  Thank you and enjoy our first studio installment of MetamoraTV.


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