Genesis Books and The Forgiveness Journey

We would like to thank Mary Ellen, the manager of Genesis Books for selling our latest film, The Forgiveness Journey.  DVD’s are now available in the store at 248 East, 3900 South in Salt Lake City.  Their phone number is: (801) 268-1919.


Genesis Book Store, The Forgiveness Journey DVD

I visited the store last week and saw a lot of cool stuff:  gifts, books, and warm customer service.  An online review from one customer says, “A great store for people in any recovery program. The owners have a lot of empathy and make you feel right at home. They are a huge part of the thriving 12 step programs in SLC.”


Store front, Genesis Book Store


Genesis Book Store

Feel free to stop by and pick up The Forgiveness Journey on DVD.  The disc contains bonus features as well.  Thanks again Mary Ellen.  What a wonderful book store!



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