Matt Duhamel’s Extended Biography

Matt Duhamel started his broadcasting career in West Yellowstone, MT at KYWS AM radio as an afternoon disc jockey in 1995.  After only a few months, he relocated to Idaho Falls, ID where he was hired with at Z103, the number one radio station at the time in Southeast Idaho.  Matt enjoyed working as their evening disc jockey, live remote radio host, and production coordinator through the mid to late 90’s.

In 1999, Matt took his passion for weather to KIDK where he was employed as their morning weather anchor alongside news reporter, Tammi Doty.  With their unique and fresh style, Matt and Tammi took the morning show ratings from number three to number one in just a few months.  After a short stint in Eugene, OR at KVAL, KIDK requested Matt Duhamel back on their team as the evening weather anchor.

Wanting to move into the Salt Lake City, UT news market, Matt took a chance and applied for a traffic reporter/weather fill-in position with KUTV.  He got the job and for 6 months, Matt reported the traffic live from the 2News helicopter.  His position was short lived due to layoffs and cutbacks.

Struggling with media’s constant layoffs and uncertainties, Matt was hired as a part-time radio disc jockey for Bonneville’s, Star 102.7 in Salt Lake City.  This was also short lived due to more layoffs within the company.  He received a call from Mike Nelson, the station’s Program Director letting him know that Bonneville has decided to simulcast their AM news station on their FM frequency.

Frustrated, Matt decided to start his own TV show project, a late (very late, 2am!) night talk show that was featured on Utah’s UPN affiliate.  Just as the new TV show gained momentum, everything came crashing down for Matt…

In 2006, Matt was arrested for child and teen modeling websites that contained sexually explicit material.  Though non-nude in nature, according to the Federal Court, the photos contained inappropriate clothing and posing for the age of the models.  Matt was officially charged with three sex offenses in 2007 and was incarcerated through January, 2012.

With his release from a federal half-way house during the spring of 2012, Matt knew that his chances of returning to broadcast news would be extremely difficult.  He had applied for several radio and television stations in 2012 and 2103, but with a sex offense on his record, no broadcast employer was interested.   Struggling to find work of any kind, Matt finally found a warehouse job with The Molding Box in South Salt Lake City, UT.  He was then later hired as an Office Coordinator for the Center for Spiritual Living, “a spiritual philosophy that is loving, inclusive and accepting of all people.”

In 2013, Matt began to develop his film company, Metamora Films.  Acknowledging and taking full responsibility of his past mistakes, he knew that he wanted to take his very bad choices and attempt to make a difference in the community.  With full sincerity about turning his life around, he began production on his first documentary film entitled, “What Makes Me Tic?“, a film about living with Tourette’s Syndrome.  The film won several online awards and was picked up by an educational distributor.

The following year, taking inspiration from a script that he had wrote in prison, Matt directed, “Last Day With Lizzy”, a short film dedicated to his estranged daughter, Maddie.  The narrative which was shot in 12 hours in the Millcreek Canyon with local actors and crew, was an official selection of the Logan Film Festival and won additional online awards.  The film was also featured at the Park City Showcase in late 2014.

Feeling like he had finally found his life’s calling, “The Forgiveness Journey”, a documentary on the process of forgiveness was released on February 25, 2015 at the Broadway Centre Cinemas to a crowd of over 125 people in downtown Salt Lake City.  Owning up to his sex offense in the film, Matt talked about his own story and the loss of his relationship with his daughter due to his arrest and conviction.  Stories of people who were also struggling with forgiveness were also featured, along with interviews from spiritual leaders, authors, and doctors.  The 73-minute documentary is currently being considered for distributors and film festivals across the country.

Matt’s latest project is MetamoraTV, a YouTube channel featuring interviews with non-profit organizations, film actors and producers, and everyday people that have a “transformative” story to tell.  He plans to release a new interview every couple of weeks.

“The rejection and judgement can difficult”, Matt says.  He adds, “I don’t blame people for being skeptical of me.  I just ask people to try to get to know me first before making a judgment.”  Matt also believes that employers need to give ALL ex-felons a chance including sex offenders.  If sex offenders can’t reintegrate back into society, they will fail and return back to prison.  “We need to open up difficult conversations about ex-felons, sex offenders, employment and housing restrictions if we are going to ever going to reduce America’s prison population.”, Matt adds.  He recalls applying for over 125 companies after his release from the half-way house before finally getting a break with the Center for Spiritual Living. 

Matt currently lives in South Jordan, UT with his wife and two step children.  Contact Matt.







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