Seeking future film ideas…

With the completion of our third film, The Forgiveness Journey, we are seeking inspirational and “transformative” ideas for new film projects.  In other words…do you have an idea for us?  Our next project will most likely be a short narrative that will shoot in early fall of 2015.

If you have a great short script, or just ideas about a short film, please contact us.  Our mission here at Metamora Films is to create shorts and documentaries that “transform hearts and minds“…so we want to keep along these lines for our next project.

Our next short will be a low budget film, shot in 2-3 days in Utah.  A small crew along with a 4-6 person cast will mostly likely be what we are looking at.

Our first short, “Last Day With Lizzy“, was a hit at the 2014 Logan Film Festival and won awards with the online Shorts Showcase competition.

Shoot us your ideas!  We will take them in consideration during our spring break from filming.  Though we won’t be filming for a few months, we will be brain storming and taking your ideas into consideration.

Also, if you are an actor or a crew member that is interested in taking part in our next short, feel free to email us your resume and contact information.